Members Officer

Gee Barlow

Independent Members

Hello all! 


About me:

I joined scouting in 2016 and have tried to make the most of any opportunity which has come my way including District Youth Commissioner and Queen's Scout Award (and working party). I am also a Scout of the World Award trainer and mentor and involved within DofE too which can be utilised within SSAGO. I'm an assistant cub leader in Cleveland, enjoying being a big kid with my favourite camp being Harry Potter themed where I run a potions class (mocktails!). 

I’m currently studying occupational therapy at Teesside University, following the development of my own disability and a change of plan career wise. I am understanding of the challenges that people may face and how the smallest simple levels of support can make the biggest difference. I lost a lot of my abilities but now I seem to manage well whilst also being aware of my limitations. Having lost of a lot of function for some time, I’m keen to now make the most of what I can do. Through this journey, the insight, and skills I have learnt enable me to support others physically and mentally. Being aware of how individuals are exactly that, individual. Everyone is different and open communication is beneficial in ensuring the correct level of support is provided. Key area I would like to ensure are provided consider inclusivity and accessibility through activities and accommodations, a quiet space during events and wellbeing support.


I have experience in managing clubs via my university society (Occupational Therapy, sorry SSAGO!). Within this, I was required to liaise with different clubs/society members and relevant managers. I also sourced and undertook over 24 events throughout my year leading in the society, including a course programme Christmas meal and quiz. As a result of these efforts, I won Academic society of the year and was nominated for personality of year – you may soon find out why!

Currently, I am a crew contact point for my IST crew attending WSJ 2023 as well as the unofficial note taker for webinars (which I’ve received great feedback about). As part of this role, I have designed and coordinated crew badges and merchandise as well as managing a small but hard-working team for selling and distribution. I've managed a lot of queries and I would like to say not a lot has baffled me - however this is not an invitation to challenge this ;)

My crew is not what you would call 'local'. Spanning from the West to the East coast of the North. This can have its challenges, however, through tactful communication and forward planning, it does seem to be working well which is something I can transfer to the members officer role. 

What I can bring:

I can bring a fresh pair of eyes to SSAGO. Liking to know the ins and outs, why processes are undertaken and identifying if a simpler solution is available. I believe in working smarter not harder.

I'm easy to approach and will always try to aid in solving any issues anyone will have. If you need a sounding board and just someone to voice things too, I can also be that person. If I do not know the answers, I will endeavour to find them and educate myself for the future as well as sharing relevant information as and when found if it could be useful for others. 

I'm an organised person and feel that I can bring this to this role, ensuring that clubs and member lists are updated accordingly as well as maintaining databases for important information (including minibus drivers). From my previous experience, I am comfortable in providing support to committee members in various roles from events planning, finance and secretarial.

If you are struggling, I’d be here to give a hand, talk through issues and provide the relevant help. DBS issues, not a problem, together we can resolve that.

I’d like to support in growing links and acknowledge the value in networking as internally and externally to seek out new opportunities.


Thank you!