SSAGO Projects

Want to get more involved in SSAGO?

Have an idea you'd like to see SSAGO pursue? Want to organise a big SSAGO event? Want to get more actively involved in SSAGO? SSAGO projects are the chance to start or get involved in larger projects for the benefit of SSAGO, Scouting & Guiding and the wider community.

If you are interested in any of the projects below, just request to join and join the Facebook group to find out more.

If you have an idea for a new SSAGO project, just get in contact and let us know!

SSAGO Support

Do you enjoy volunteering at events and helping to share your skills and experience with the younger sections, while having a chance to help promote SSAGO? If so, join our SSAGO Support unit and help give something back!

Project Leaders: Ben Dickinson Daniel Price Lucy Smith

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An open project for all interested in writing regular SSAGO articles and getting in both Scout, Guide and national media with stories beyond their own club!
Also for all those who would like a hand in writing the SSAGO newsletter!



The SSAGO podcast is a regular podcast for everyone in SSAGO! We'll be chatting about any SSAGO news, we'll be interviewing to clubs about what they've been up to, and we'll be playing some interactive games on the Discord server. All this means that everyone can get involved! Our plan is to record lots of segments to create a roughly monthly podcast. We'll be doing everything virtually, so you can join in regardless of where you are!

Project Leaders: Tim Rodaway Lizzie Thompson



An open project for member to discuss and put in place achievable actions towards making SSAGO a more inclusive and accessible place for all.

Project Leaders: Ben Dickinson James Barber


Media Team

Have an interest in photography, video, editing, production, design or general media?
The SSAGO Media team needs you, to support our newsletter, publicity and events!
Whether you're experienced and want to get stuck in, or want to give it a go and learn, everyone is welcome.

Project Leaders: Aaron (successfully ran Sports Day Rally!) Ramsey Lucy Smith

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Web Team

Have an interest in web development and fancy diving into the SSAGO website, and all its associated systems?

We will be looking to build new areas, new features and update the website to make it the best it can be - responding to the continually changing and growing needs of SSAGO, club committees and the SSAGO membership.

From developing the SSAGO app, the membership system, the events system, building completely new web-based systems, and making everything we have better, there's plenty of opportunities to get involved in very exciting areas - and your ideas are at the forefront of what we work on!

Some degree of computing and development experience is required, but don't worry if you're not an expert - there's plenty of chance to learn as you go!

Project Leaders: Aaron (successfully ran Sports Day Rally!) Ramsey Oli Bills

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Following the growing links of SSAGO with other like-minded and similar groups across the world, the need to foster stronger international links, work towards international events and grow SSAGO's international presence is increasing. Join us and help build those links!

Project Leaders: Anna Matthews

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Badges at Home Team

Join the SSAGO Badges at Home team if you are interested in running and leading on badges for SSAGO

Project Leaders: Nem Calvert Jenny Thompson Jack Woodward


SSAGO Music Project

All Musicians in SSAGO. to talk about music and get playing in SSAGO Ensembles!

Project Leaders: Izzy Hooper Beatrice Overend


Top Awards

Interested in some of the top awards Scout and / or Guiding have to offer? The King's Scout? Queen's Guide? Explorer Belt? Others? Well, come along here and we shall try co-ordinate you with a group of other SSAGOers to get it done!

Project Leaders: Jenny Thompson


SSAGO Policy Fixers

We are looking for volunteers to assist us to go through all of our current policy documents and factsheets so we can update and simplify them. It doesn’t matter if you only want to deal with one document or all of them, every contribution will be a great help! For more detail on what we do and how we work as a project, check out our Project Document.

Project Leaders: Tim Rodaway Jack Woodward Izzy Hooper Ewan Bell Grace Hinks



Project both for supporting LGBT+ members of SSAGO, and for attending Prides across the country!


Virtual Team

Join the SSAGO Virtual Team if you'd like to help develop, run and support the National Virtual SSAGO events, activities and infrastructure


SSAGO Strategic Rail Operations Branch

Mmmm trains!

This project aims to collect and organise transport-enthused members, create and run train related events, and promote the environmental benefits of public transport.

Project Leaders: James Barber


From the Office of the Chair

Thomas made a newsletter that people wanted apparently. Predominantly animal facts, but also with whatever I thought I can put down in words, if you were interested to read it

Project Leaders: James Barber


Archive Team

Rebuilding SSAGO's history and maintaining it for the future, we are the Archive Team!

From speaking to ex-SSAGO members to crawling the countries SSAGO archives to building an archive of current events for the future, there's plenty to get involved in! Whether you're hearing inspiring stories to discovering hidden SSAGO gems to learning from the past, it's a big but fun challenge!

Project Leaders: Charlotte Simmons

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