SSAGO and Girlguiding

Catherine Nichol (National SSAGO)

Saturday 1st of August 2015

The National SSAGO Exec met up with Girlguiding to renew the relationship between SSAGO and Girlguiding and to pave the way for the future!

As I am sure some of you are aware Girlguiding Headquarters are located on Buckingham Palace Road, so getting there for 10am involved an early start for the three members of the Exec that went for a meeting with GirlGuiding. However the early start was worth it, as the meeting went very successfully.

The meeting was held between Jo Hobbs (Director of Guiding Services), Mia Churcher (Marketing Office), Me, Jodi and Josh. The main aim of the meeting was to renew the contact between SSAGO and Girlguidng. Jo Hobbs when at university had been President of Cardiff SAGGS so was very aware of how SSAGO works, however together the three of us we gave a brief overview of what SSAGO gets up to and how we work as an organisation. We then went on to discuss, publicity, marketing materials, branding, Girlguiding events and membership. The meeting concluded with a discussion about the recent Memorandum of Agreement drawn up between The Scout Association and SSAGO. We proposed that the three organisations had one agreement, an idea The Scout Association are keen to also pursue. Girlguiding suggested that they will have a look at the Memorandum and come back to us with feedback, but the initial feedback seemed positive.

We are now waiting to hear back from Girlguiding, although in the meantime each member of the exec has different points of action to be completing as an outcome of the meeting. Which we hope will further help with the connection between Girlguiding and SSAGO in the future.