Spread the word about SSAGO: Gilwell 24

Alex Moore (National SSAGO)

Friday 25th of September 2015

A big part of our publicity programme is being present at National events attended by scouts and guides of near-University age, running activities and telling all of the young people and leaders we meet about SSAGO!

Running the soft drinks bar at Gilwell 24 made us very popular with the Explorers and Senior Section there, as well as giving them the chance to charge their phones. You also might have seen us down in the Global Zone running the smoothie bike and other activities. We must have spoken to hundreds of young people that weekend, based on how few stickers we had left at the end!

At Gilwell Reunion we got the chance to speak to loads of leaders and adults in scouting about who we are and what we do. One of the nicest surprises was meeting so many former SSAGO members who are still involved in Scouting, including a few members who remember the creation of SSAGO in it?s present form back in the late 60s! We also had some excellent publicity that weekend, Cat the SSAGO Chair was interviewed for Scout Radio, and we even got a photo of the UK Chief Commissioner Wayne Bulpitt in a giant SSAGO necker!