Jump around

Larah Korrison (SSAGO UWE)

Tuesday 15th of March 2016

SAGUWE & UoBGAS head to AirHop for a fun filled evening celebrating the end of the semester.

SAGUWE & UoBGAS headed to the infamous AirHop centre for the end of semester celebrations. After an hour ride on the bus, getting excited, we all arrived safe and sound (even if it was a bit confusing to navigate the complex). 

Katie (SAGUWE treasurer) organised the whole event and made sure we were all ready and signed our lives- I mean waiver- before the event. So we were all ready and like cattle on a farm were herded into a fenced area where we watched a safety video; its safe to say that there are many ways you can break your bones through Airhop. 

We were then let loose in the big frenzy of a trampoline place, it felt like we were kids again, free to do as we wanted. There was a large area where we could jump around and even (if we had the skills) could do flips and jump over big soft blocks. We could play dodgeball, there's a lot of hand eye co-ordination involved in that! With jumping on the spot and throwing a ball at the same time. Another area was a total whipe out theme, if your tall you probably have a big advantage over this one. There's also a gladiator bit too, but it was a bit hard to get out of the foam pit! And another where you could jump into a foam pit, that was fun- be a Beaver/Rainbow again!


It was a really chilled evening with friends (we even had a guest from SAGE too). 



Larah Korrison 

SAGUWE President 2015/16