SAGUWE not so Freshers camp!

James Frith-lees (SSAGO UWE)

Wednesday 28th of September 2016

SAGUWE had a brilliant time hanging out, eating and catching up on our summers apart, but there was something missing...

Planning a camp for the first weekend of the term, plus a combination of illnesses, visiting parents (and parents visiting) resulted in having a Fresher's camp without any actual Freshers... Never mind!

We still had a brilliant weekend of Rifle shooting, which a few of us hadn't tried before (and were surprisingly crack shots!), eating, chatting, playing games, setting fire to things, as well as drawing or cross-stiching our own camp badges and hoisting our new flag for the first time!

On our way home we stopped off for a few games of bowling, which was another first time for one of our members, and helped another with his DofE challenge!

We also came home to a very popular Monday social of "Getting to know you" games on campus, plus beating last year's total of full SAGUWE members before even the end of September, so we're on track for a fantastic year!