Join the National SSAGO Committee

Oli Bills (Southampton SSAGO)

Tuesday 28th of March 2017

Fancy getting more involved with National SSAGO? There are two open executive assistant roles on the SSAGO committee, international officer and archivist.

There are two open executive assistant roles on the SSAGO committee. These roles are appointed by the exec, and all SSAGO members are invited to apply. The roles are:

International Officer

Following the growing links of SSAGO with other like-minded and similar groups across the world, the need to foster stronger international links, work towards international events and grow SSAGO's international presence is increasing. To support this, the committee is looking for an international officer to join them in this exciting challenge ahead.

  • To grow our international links with SSAGO-like bodies and groups in other countries
  • To build a greater international presence for SSAGO across the world
  • To rediscover past relationships SSAGO had internationally
  • To encourage international contingents at SSAGO events
  • To explore the possibility of UK contingents at international SSAGO-like events
  • To help support international events, such as Witan
  • To help support clubs with their own international links and trips
  • To help encourage international growth within SSAGO in the UK, and to support clubs in their own international recruitment


In the run up to SSAGO Reunion and with the growing amount of archive material being discovered from the past, stronger links with SAGGA and their archive material along with the need to preserve the current times of SSAGO, the role of archivist has been created to help preserve the past, present and future of SSAGO.

  • To be responsible for the maintenance of an archive of current SSAGO activities
  • To rebuild an archive of past SSAGO activities and to develop a working knowledge of SSAGO history
  • To locate and catalogue past archived materials across the country
  • To collect together past stories and items and ensure they are preserved
  • To reach out to previous members and SAGGA
  • To work with the web team to preserve this content digitally as well as physically
  • To be able to use the archive to support events such as SSAGO Reunion
  • To help support clubs in the creation and maintenance of their own archives

If you would like to find out more and to apply for any of these roles, you can do so at