SSAGO and SAGGA gathering in Oxford

Oli Bills (Southampton SSAGO)

Monday 22nd of May 2017

When SSAGO and SAGGA meet up in a delightful gathering in Oxford, including pizza and fudge, museum exploring, board games, a lovely camp in the sun and sharing many stories and ideas!

Some SAGGA members had a gathering in Youlbury, the Scout Activity Centre in Oxford, this weekend. Two of the assistants, myself and Laura, went for a visit to join them and had a truly amazing weekend!

We feasted on pizza and ice cream (including bemusing a waitress with an overly extending dessert stealing fork), explored some of the sights of Oxford and completed the Dinosaur Hunt (including my favourite, the Camptosaurus) at the Oxford Museum of Natural History. 

Afterwards, we sampled every flavour of fudge (for free!) at the Fudge Kitchen before giving in and buying a slice or two and heading off to learn a new game at the Board Game Cafe, which we mastered just after it was time to leave - with the first game taking an hour and a half, the second game an hour and the third game condensed into 9 minutes... finishing off with a nice chat over some drinks and back to our site at Youlbury, a truly lovely campsite!

The next morning started off as any ideal camp should, with a reasonably timed breakfast followed by sitting in the sunshine, sharing stories and ideas and me pick up on a lot of tips and experience from the experts! After saying our farewells, it was time to picking up the required badge and head back on our way.