SAGGA and the City

Alex Moore (SSAGO Associate Rep 2017/18)

Monday 5th of March 2018

The adventure doesn’t stop when you graduate and leave SSAGO, here’s a sneak peek of what SAGGA (the Scout and Guide Graduate Association) gets up to.

Four teams of SAGGA members took part in the London “Live” Monopoly Run recently. The event is run by Rotherfield District Scouts and attended by scouts, explorers, and even a few of us that are a little older!

For those of you who don’t know (and there have been enough of them on recent rallies that it must only be a few) a Monopoly Run is where teams race to travel to different locations around a city in order to gain points. The London event is a big affair, with 1866 participants across 315 teams this year, and they even have their own app for buying properties and tracking your team’s score.

SAGGA teams raring to go at the start of the day

The day got off to a flying start as all the teams headed out from Waterloo Station. The two teams from the SAGGA Nomads made a beeline for Mayfair and Park Lane (the most valuable squares on the board), and managed to grab one each, denying each other the all important bonus from owning a whole set of properties, and then chased each other up Oxford Street, until the Vagabonds made a tactical decision to head south for Trafalgar Square.

Our travels took us all over the city, from Liverpool Street Station in the east to Marylebone Station in the West, south to Old Kent Road and north to Islington. It was a busy day, with some of us hitting 35,000 steps and travelling through 29 Underground stations!

It was also a success for SAGGA, congratulations to the Confederates from SAGGA south, placing 2nd overall with an impressive £10, 575.00 despite (and I quote) “just winging it for most of the day”. Then to finish off the day a few SAGGA members retired to the pub for a few well earned drinks.

The blurry nature of this photo may or may not be an indication of the level of merriness on display here)

If you want to find out more about SAGGA then check out our website and facebook group, you don’t even need to have graduated yet to get involved.