National SSAGO 2018-19

Joshua Smith (National SSAGO)

Tuesday 10th of April 2018

With ball out of the way and the SSAGO Exec’s handover complete it is time to say farewell to some old faces and hello to new members of the team!

Firstly I’d like to say a massive thank you to the outgoing SSAGO Exec (James Frith, Anona Mann and Frances Milroy) and Assistants (Dale Patrick and Beatrice Phanjoo) for everything you have done for SSAGO. I'd also like to thank Bath, Leeds, Plymouth and Young Goats for putting on fantastic events over the past year!

The new SSAGO Exec, Assistants, Coordinators and Event Teams will be:

National SSAGO Exec 2018-19
  • Chair: Joshua Smith
  • Secretary: Lauren Whittaker
  • Treasurer: Edwin Burkinshaw
  • Members Officer: Jimmy Austin
  • Publicity Officer: Melissa Roberts
National SSAGO Assistants
  • Webmaster: Oliver Bills
  • Archivist: Larah Korrison
  • International Officer: Harriet Bell
  • SAGGA Liaison: Laura Payne
  • Quartermaster: Joe Barnes
  • Notifications Officer: Vicky Sanderson
National SSAGO Reps 2018-19
  • Indie Rep: Daniel Nixon
  • Associate Rep: Stuart Pattullo
National SSAGO Coordinators
  • Great 48 Coordinator: Thomas Webster
  • Rover 100 Coordinator: Genevieve Tyrrell
Witan 2020
  • Witan Chair: Alex Manning
  • Other roles to be confirmed soon!
National SSAGO Events 2018-19
  • Summer Rally 2018: Cambridge Duck Rally
  • Autumn Rally 2018: Lancaster Fantasy Rally
  • Spring Rally 2019: Nottingham Outlaws Rally
  • Ball 2019: Aber Does ABBA Ball
  • Summer Rally 2019: Scottish Rally
  • Autumn Rally 2019: Birmingham Chocolate Rally

Welcome everyone to the team. I'm really look forward to working with all of you over the next year!

If anyone wants to get involved in the running of national SSAGO you still can! Jut sign up to some of our project groups here.

Let's make this year another great one for SSAGO!