New Archivist and International Officer Selected

National SSAGO Exec

Monday 8th of February 2021

The SSAGO Exec are excited to announce the selection of Cornelia Schmitt as the new International Officer and Charlotte Simmons as the new Archivist.

Team Pink are pleased to announce that two new volunteers are joining the Team. Cornelia will be taking on the role of International Officer, who's job it is to coordinate between our organisation and similar student Scout and Guide clubs across the globe. Meanwhile Charlotte will be stepping up to become the new SSAGO Archivist, who's principle job is to maintain and record SSAGO's long and successful history. Previous and inaugural Archivist Larah will be guiding Charlotte through the role and will then be stepping down after an impressive 4 years in the role. 

The Exec would like to congratulate them both and wish them the best for the future. SSAGO's success is built off the hard work of their volunteers and it's encouraging to see people putting themselves forward. You can find out more about the team of volunteers who help run SSAGO here.

Charlotte Simmons


Hi, I'm Charlotte and I will be taking over the Archivist role. This is my fourth year in SSAGO, and my first as an Indie, having finished at Nottingham last year. Whilst at Nottingham I was involved with the archive that SNoGS run in conjunction with the University of Nottingham archives and really enjoyed it, and I believe it's important that clubs are supported to set up and run their own archives if this is something that they wish to do, as well as maintaining and building the national SSAGO archive. I'm really looking forward to getting stuck in to this role and to working with members of SSAGO to build our records for future generations. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions relating to archives either at a national or club level.

Interested in getting involved with the archives or want to set up your own? Email Charlotte at

Cornelia Schmitt

International Officer

Hi, I’m Conni, and I’m probably one of SSAGO’s most international members: I am German,have done my undergrad degree in Ireland and am now living in the Netherlands. My first Rally was Chocolate Rally, which was AWESOME. And that is why I applied to become international officer: I loved taking part in SSAGO events as part of an international contingent and want to help others in experiencing this too! So if you’re an international student scout/guide wanting to come to an event or an incoming exchange student who wants to know what this “SSAGO” thing is all about, or if you’re going abroad and are wondering if we know of any group you could join where you’re going –ask away! I will also try and see if any of the international groups would welcome a contingent of SSAGOers as guests at their camps (I can’t promise but: Irish Rover Intervarsities are some of the best camps you can imagine!).

A bit about me: I first came to scouting because I heard about Roverway and it sounded so great, I just had to participate – and I wasn’t disappointed, I absolutely loved the international atmosphere! And the Netherlands as a country too: Two years later I even moved here, and now I am studying electrical engineering at TU/e in Eindhoven. In my free time I do bouldering and Survival Run (a Dutch sport – think of a combination of Ninja Warrior and cross country running). I am addicted tonbadges (and as part of the badges-at-home team am helping run badges for SSAGOers to do during lockdown). So far I’ve attended three Rallies, one SSAGO goes Spoons and two other SSAGO camps. And I regularly do my grocery shopping using a unicycle.

For all international queries email Cornelia at