2022 AGM

Samir Soares (Nottingham)

Wednesday 26th of January 2022

The 2022 SSAGO National AGM!!! Details are below

Hello SSAGO,
I am contacting you to notify you of the SSAGO 2022 AGM
As with last year we are unable to hold an in person or hybrid AGM, hence we will have an all online election. The details of this AGM and how to participate will be outlined in the email below and in the coming weeks on social media.
What is an AGM?
An Annual General Meeting (AGM) is a once a year meeting where reports of activity had by SSAGO over the previous year from the national committee and events had since the last AGM. A report of the accounts and assets of SSAGO will be published for all members of SSAGO to view.
The AGM is also when elections are had to elect a new national committee and national SSAGO events.
What is being elected in the election?
National Committee
Chair of SSAGO
Secretary of SSAGO
Treasurer of SSAGO
Members Officer of SSAGO
Publicity Officer of SSAGO
Rally Spring 2023
Ball Easter 2023
Rally Autumn 2023
Any special election, such as witan, reunion, etc.
*No election will be had for Rally Summer 2023 as ReBuild-A-Rally will be held then, Rail Cymru will be Autumn 2022
How do I vote?
First you need to register to vote
Go to https://vote.ssago.org/elections/register and click the “register to vote” button
When voting is open head back to vote.ssago.org and there will be a vote button available.
How do I run for national committee or bid for an event?
Head to vote.ssago.org and click on “run for a position” or “run for an event” buttons and follow the instructions to nominate yourself for a position or event, you will need a proposer and seconder not from your SSAGO club to support your bid. If you think someone should run for a position there is a feature to suggest that someone else should run for a position
How can I ask the candidates questions?
During the AGM any member of SSAGO will be able to submit questions online that each candidate can respond to online. These questions will be approved by the returning officers. There may also be a hustings zoom meeting where candidates can be directly asked questions by SSAGO members, this will be later communicated.
When will this happen?
Below is the timetable of the AGM.
22nd of Jan, 2pm - Registration open, nominations open
12th of Feb, 2pm - Nominations are published, questions to candidates are open for submission
22nd of Feb, 2pm - Nominations are closed, questions to candidates are closed for submission, registration to vote closes
23rd of Feb, 6pm - Voting opens
26th of Feb, 6pm - Voting closes
28th of Feb, 8pm* - Results announced, Returning Officers report (possibly on zoom, tbc.)
*approx time
I wish all the best to those who are considering running for a committee or event. If you are unsure if you should run later information on each role and event will be communicated and you can ask any member of SSAGO Team Pink (Exec and Assistants) on how it is to run National SSAGO.
Chair of SSAGO 2021 - 2022