SSAGO Resources

Resources and information for SSAGO members


Publicity Resources for National SSAGO and clubs.

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Sub categories


Pull Up Banners and Rectangle Banners


The SSAGO colours available as swatches and colour libraries


The official font, Open Sans, used for SSAGO publicity


Leaflets for giving out at events.
If you want any help printing your own, contact
All designs are editable in Illustrator.

Photo Library

A collection of the finest SSAGO photos for use in publicity materials. Have any to add? Email them to!

Presentation Templates

Powerpoint Presentation Template for Clubs

For best results downloads the Open Sans fonts as well.

Sail Flags

Sail Flag designs.
Editable in Illustrator.


The SSAGO logo in various forms for you to use

SSAGO Project Logos

The SSAGO Support logo and Project team logos in various forms for you to use