The Mascot Collection

The mascots for every SSAGO club

Possibly one of the stranger aspects of SSAGO is the existence of mascots! There are both national and club mascots, with each club having to declare at least one mascot that can be kidnapped.

Some clubs have more than one mascot, with older and more sentimental ones kept for memories. Many of the club mascots take the form of a cuddly toy.

The mascots listed on this page are kidnappable mascots, a little fun rivalry between SSAGO clubs. Mascots can be kidnapped at any time during a SSAGO event, although they may not be forcefully taken from a person looking after it. It may only be taken if the mascot is left un-attended or if handed over to someone accidentally.

Clubs who have had their mascot kidnapped can get it back at the next opening or closing ceremony of a national rally (whichever ceremony comes first, i.e. if stolen on Friday night of rally it would be the opening ceremony, if stolen on Saturday night it would be the closing ceremony). Those who have kidnapped the mascot are responsible for setting a suitable forfeit for the club to carry out in order to get their mascot back.

ClubStealable MascotMascot Picture

Aberystwyth Student Scout and Guide Organisation

Idris the dragon(middle) is our stealable Mascot. he replaced our previous stealable mascots in 2014.

Idris' chums Mary the Badger(left) and James the Sheep(right) also come along to events but are non-stealable. All our mascots have neckers in miniture form. Here they are preparing for the Bath Masked Ball in 2017.

Bangor University Guides and Scouts

Boris. Jr, Male, 23cm, Single, Bi, Boris is the mascot of our secretary. He was found in the deepest darkist cave in Eryri A Mon and is descended from the first spider. He has been to Switzerland and even japan. and has a taste for dressing up. looking for love no real preference but the more legs the better.

Bath University Guides and Scouts

Wurzel can be seen on all BUGS hoodies and is not only our mascot, but also suspiciously similar to our logo. You can see more of his adventures via his Facebook page:


Scarface - Our main mascot dates back to 1975, when he was purchased at a Rally and now belongs to the current Chair at any time.

Bishop Grosseteste Guides and Scouts


Current (stealable) Mascot: Whimsy - a small duck with a very fetching 'bum hat'. Whimsy attends the majority oc our meetings and lives with our chair.
Mascot Emeritus: Whispy - a large duck who has been with the club for many years. He is curently enjoying his retirement living with one of our fogies , but often shows his face at our two annual service events.

Cardiff SSAGS

Fredlet is our only stealable mascot but we do have a small, and growing, army of knitted fish to keep him company on Rally.

Chester SSAGO


Mole (born 1987) is the main mascot who lives with the club President, and well loved by all of DUSAGG past and present.
Mini Mole is looked after by the Secretary, and has two formal outfits as well as day wear.
Roger is a sheep with some questionable attire, whom the Events Secretary looks after.



Basil (unstealable) loves going to SAGE socials and, going on camp. Often seen wearing sunglasses, hiking boots and a SAGE necker.
Pepper (stealable) loves camping and all things outdoors.



Imperial SSAGO

Imperial Mascot: Pimp the Imp

Previous Mascot: Omicron the Owl. Omicron was forced to resign from his position due to excessive hooting.


Current stealable mascot is Indiana, a one eye alien teddy bear


Our mascot is Scruffy the squirrel, also known as Gazza. He is very new to the Keele family and is looking forward to joining all of Keele SSAGO's adventures.


ShiT (Tim around children) is a big red woollen spider with pipe-cleaner legs, he is very old and wise and fragile which makes him completely unstealable. You will meet with significant resistance if you attempt to take him.

ShiT's babies are stealable, they're much smaller multi-coloured pom-pom spiders and are carried by Lancaster SSAGO members.

We're not huge fans of mascot stealing because we lovingly make our own mini-ShiTs so please be nice to us.


Oscar Tentpole - A grey and white fluffy owl with a Leeds necker.


Our stealable mascot is Squidgina the Slug. Squidgina is a new addition to our mascot family, so Squidgy doesn't feel so lonely any more. Squidgina is the more reddy coloured slug.

Squidgy is our non-stealable and is very shy and getting on a bit, so please be gentle with him. He is a fantastic dancer!

Liverpool University SSAGO

Our mascot is a lambanana called Boris. He will soon be provided with his own necker in the clubs colours.


SCOGUI Bear - Our Unstealable Mascot who is rather old and well loved.
BOO BOO Bear - The old gits don't like him and he has been on many adventures, his favourite place to hide is up a tree.


The Ciara. May squeal when captured, but poses little resistance.

Newcastle University Student Scout and Guide Group


Floozy Duck: cute, fluffy and yellow, she enjoys rainy weather, muddy puddles and going on plenty of adventures with SNoGS.

Oxford University Scout and Guide Group

Erik the Panda

Erik the Panda is our society mascot. He joined the group in 1974, and has been with us ever since. He regularly comes along to meetings and on our trips.

Plymouth University Guides and Scouts

Oscar is a knitted mascot which is unstealable and Olave, a children's toy, is our stealable mascot.


Pablo Pug has a necker, PUGS jacket complete with a badge.
Pugwena is our other pug, she has a purple hoodie and a collar.
Jonny Duck is small and yellow.
Russ SPROGS is our oldest mascot, He is a small frog that croaks!

Queen Mary, University London SSAGO


Sheffield Hallam Students Union Guides & Scouts

Flopsy - stealable (girly rabbit with pretty pink bows)
Rampant - nonstealable (battery operated rabbit)
Peter - nonstealable (looks like Peter rabbit)
Neil - nonstealable (little white rabbit)
Colin - nonstealable (a dinosaur... don't ask)
R.O.N- nonstealable (little cuddly adventurous lion)
(Brian the beaver is found in the photo he is not our mascot!! He is the SSAGO chair mascot)

Solent SSAGO

Mark (affectionally known as Mark the Shark) was born on 23rd June 2015. He is a cheeky little shark who likes to wonder off and go on adventures. Because of this is, he is often very dirty and hates baths, so I would steal him with caution. On the flip side he can also be very lazy and doesn’t always turn up to events or socials. There is also a likely chance he will either flirt or fight your mascots, there is no middle ground! Although he is getting better at making friends, we promise! He will eat everything in sight, he is a shark after all!

Southampton SSAGO

Phil: Non-stealable, retired mascot. Looks like dolphin. Baas when shaken (sometimes).
Rob: Pink unicorn. Currently under mascot-protection programme.
Phillipa: Stealable, current mascot. Looks like female dolphin. Contains flower.


Swansea University Guides and Scouts

UCLAN Scout and Guide Society

University of Bristol Guides and Scouts

Herbert III (left) is a polar bear. He is named after Herbert II, the former mascot of the old UOBGAS (himself named after Herbert, the first mascot).

Norbert (right) is our stealable mascot. You may find him in pockets, rucksacks or even the odd pound shop.

University of Sheffield

Our main mascot is Bertie. Stealable mascots are; Pornograbee, Wednesday, Moon Bee, Phoebee and Gwenyn. We also have Grandfather Bee and Sheep Bee who are non stealable because they are old.

UWE Bristol

Graham (the one but not quite only), Derek and Dottie (twins), Penelope (Penny the Brownie) and Pippi (Swedish) the penguins are our mascots, and they join us on all our adventures, as well as have a few of their own!

After a car crash in the summer of 2016, Graham (the original, largest and most social of our penguins) has become unstealable! He'll usually be in a costume or badge poncho, and usually making friends with other clubs and mascots! Be nice to him, and add him on Facebook! ;)

Warwick Scouts & Guides

Bugger the Bear is our (unstealable) Club Mascot. He has been with us since Summer 1999 and retired as a stealable mascot in Autumn 2013.

Esme the Elephant is our (stealable) Club Mascot. She has been with us since Autumn 2015.

Together they represent the local area around the University of Warwick. The Bear is the symbol of Warwickshire and the Elephant is the symbol of Coventry. These can also be seen on the University of Warwick Crest.


Wolves SSAGO

Thor! the German Wolf - a small fabulous god of lightening ! his roar is worse than his bite but his lightening is totally fabulous! - he is our stealable! Mascot!

Rampant for a good time! rampant the rabbit is ready to jump about! in the vibrant University life style! - He isn't stealable! :(

Hugh! Our University mascot representative looking very Intelligent with his coat and badge! such brains isn't in to being stolen! so please leave him to read his set texts for University!

York St John

Our current mascot is Toki the Tiger!