Team Pink are the team of the Executive Officers and Assistants who are responsible for the running and development of the National Student Scout and Guide Organisation.

Brittany Long

I’m Brittany and I am your Secretary. My role on Team Pink is to do all the paperwork and keep the committee organised.

Since my first rally as a fresher I have fallen in love with SSAGO and the people I’ve met through it. I’m very excited to have the chance to give back and help make SSAGO better, by doing all the boring bits most of you will never have the pleasure of seeing!

I am currently finishing off my final year of maths at the University of Bath under less than ideal circumstances and I am looking forward to being done so I can focus on SSAGO! As part of Bath BUGS I’ve been Guide Rep, Secretary, and was also Secretary for Roman Rally this year.

I’m a very proud girl guide and have been since I was 7, and I have no intention of giving up any time soon. Outside of SSAGO I’m a big fan of musical theatre and singing in general – if you hear someone humming in the bathroom at camp at two in the morning, it’s probably me!

February 2021


  • Meetings and Minutes: Attended a lot of these, including meetings with Scouting, SAGGA and the Dutch Studentenscouting team. (We've been trying to coordinate something with Girlguiding, and are making progress!).
  • Factsheets: Made a lot of updates to factsheets and reorganised them on the website to hopefully make things easier to find. Very keen for your feedback on these changes if you use the factsheets!
  • New Archivist: Helped Larah to recruit our new archivist, Charlotte. We're very excited to have her and Conni on the team, and I'm sure they'll be amazing in their new roles.
  • Admin: I've been doing lots of admin behind the scenes to prepare for handover - tidying up our Google Drive space and finishing off half completed projects to make things clear for the next Exec.


  • Handover: I've been working hard to put together a proper handover document to make the next secretary's life as easy as possible, as well as general Exec handover guidance of all the things I've learned this year!

August 2020


  • Meetings and Minutes: Attended a lot ot these. All minutes of meetings are on the website.
  • Coronavirus: Help Adele to update our guidance. Read and responded to a lot of risk assessments as clubs started back up in September and October, and replied to various other queries.
  • Reps: Worked incredibly hard to get the September Reps online in record time!
  • Events Facebook Group: I’ve set up a new Facebook group for all current events. The idea of this is that as time passes, new event committees can ask questions there and receive answers from previous events to improve SSAGO’s knowledge sharing and to take some pressure off the Exec!
  • SSAGO Google Drive: Worked with Larah to tidy up the Google Drive and make our lives a lot easier behind the scenes.
  • Club Reports: Updated some mislabelled old reports, and am now working with Larah and Oli to make Reports searchable by club. Due to the nature of the old reports this will require a lot of manual work but hopefully the outcome will be worth it!
  • Reps resources: Finally decided on a sensible location for Reps related items on the website. All items to do with reps (Team Pink reports, Club reports, voting results etc.) will now be found under the relevant Minutes folder for that meeting.
  • Factsheets: My new project is to update the factsheets, as most of them are outdated and a nightmare to trawl through. I’ve tried to add subfolders in the Factsheet area to make it easier to navigate - let me know if that’s helpful or not, I can always change it back! I’m also starting to compile ‘lessons learned’ from previous events into one Best Practice Guidance documents to provide once clear place committees can go to see what has worked well in the past.


  • Guiding and Scouting Relations: Organising a meeting with the organisations, and compiling a thorough list of everything SSAGO clubs do for Guiding and Scouting.
  • SSAGO Survey: Produce a ‘what went well’ document for the SSAGO survey to aid any future Execs who may want to do another one.
  • Online Events: Work with Build-A-Rally to build their feedback survey and collect the lessons learned from them and the online Freshers Events to take forward to future online events.
  • Club Reports: Work with Larah to make your club's Club Reports easier to find
  • Factsheets: Continuing to update Factsheets and hopefully make some new ones!

May 2020


  • Send out an updated full membership survey
  • Come up with a plan for sorting through the policy documents and getting them updated.
  • Work with Larah to get the SSAGO google drives in a more manageable state.
  • Get in touch with clubs and reps to compile a thorough list of everything SSAGO do for Guiding and Scouting, and hopefully use this to form the base of a new strong relationship!
  • Work with Oli to get to new SSAGO knowledge base ready to go