Team Pink are the team of the Executive Officers and Assistants who are responsible for the running and development of the National Student Scout and Guide Organisation.


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The Exec are here to represent you and help support your SSAGO Journey. If you've got any suggestions, ideas, concerns or questions, just fill in the box below!

Want to see a National Event? Want to earn a badge? Want some support from National SSAGO for your club? Think there's something we should be doing? Let us know!

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Our Meetings

Reps Meeting

The next Reps Meeting, where the National Exec, Assistants and all SSAGO clubs gather to discuss SSAGO will be held at Rally Through Time on 10/03/2024.

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Exec Meetings

The Exec get together at various points over the year to plan and discuss National SSAGO business and any points raised by SSAGO members. The agendas and minutes are always public and your thoughts are always welcome.

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The Exec

The Exec, elected at the AGM each year, form the elected representatives of National SSAGO and together work to maintain and develop the running of SSAGO at a National Level

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James Barber

Hi, I'm James and I'm the Chair of SSAGO for 2023-24. I've been a LUSSAGO member for the last couple of years, on the committee for CentenaRally, run a few national/regional events and starting SSROB: the SSAGO Strategic Rail Operations Branch. My main goal for this year is to help SSAGO stay on course through the ongoing Cost of Living crisis as well as reopening the dialogue on how/if SSAGO should proceed with becoming a charity.

My door's always open for new ideas/suggestions, and please come and say hello at rally or ball (as long as I've had a coffee 😉).

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Jack Woodward

Hello SSAGO! I’m Jack, your secretary for 2023/24.

I joined Scouting at 6 years old, and haven’t left yet - having worked my way up through Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Explorers, and being a young leader at Scouts, I’m now a Scout leader, Explorer leader, IST for the World Scout Jamboree, and Network member at uni (where it actually exists), and at home (where it doesn’t, really)! Given that background, joining SSAGO once I started university in 2019 seemed inevitable, and only being lightly involved was out of the question.

Since joining SSAGO, I've been a club treasurer and chair in Liverpool, been on two rally committees - co-chairing Rally of Games and generally assisting in everything for CentenaRally, chaired the Policy Fixers Project and helped organise a multitude of smaller regional and national events, including a fresher's camp and the last two IOW Revolution contingents.

In my spare time, I'm also a 4th (masters) year Physics student at the University of Liverpool, and avoiding having to leave SSAGO by starting a PhD in Nuclear Materials Engineering in September.

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William Burrows

I'm Will from Aber, your treasurer for 2023/24 .I'm a 3rd year economics student and have been a SSAGO member since 2020 and a committee member at Aberystwyth for the past two years.

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Beatrice Overend


I’m Bee and I’m a first year PhD student at the University of Liverpool studying plant genetics. Since the age of 5 I’ve been a girl guide and am now a Rainbow leader! I only joined SSAGO in my third year of undergrad but have loved being involved for the last few years! In March I was one of the co-chairs for CenetenaRally - a roll which definitely taught me a lot (mostly just how to function with no sleep).

In my time not spent on SSAGO I’m a keen musician playing in 6 university bands a week and having been the Symphony Orchestra manager and flute choir conductor during my time at Liverpool. When I’m not playing music I’m on the water in some form of boat - mostly sailing boats but have recently taken up kayaking as well.

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Ben Dickinson

Hi, I'm Ben, I'm currently in my third year studying maths at Durham! I have been in scouting since Beavers and never left. I have been in SSAGO for just over 2 years and have been on DUSAGG's committee for both of those! I was also Publicity Officer for Viking Rally, which if you haven't heard about, I'm sure Bjørn will tell you about. Outside of SSAGO, I am a member of SAGGA, an Explorer Scout Leader and District Scout Network Commissioner, among other roles.
As Active Support Officer, I am responsible for maintaining everyone's compass records, ensuring everyone has the necessary DBS checks and other compass related things. Feel free to contact me if you have something to discuss!
I have also taken over Interim Members' Officer while Gee takes a break from the role. This involves taking care of our members, answering questions from clubs, and generally helping the rest of exec. Any emails to will come through to me while I have this role, so feel free to reach out if you have any questions!

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The Assistants

The Assistants, appointed by and working with the Exec, support the running of National SSAGO through filling specific roles and tasks needed to make SSAGO work


Joe Barnes

I’m Joe, currently studying a PhD in Biomedical Tissue Engineering at the University of Liverpool. I started in Scouting when I was six, and never left; I’ve been in Liverpool SSAGO for 6 years now, on committee for 2 of those and now I’ve stepped up to offer you the best merch around...

I'm always contactable at if you have any questions / suggestions!

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Charlotte Simmons

Hi, I'm Charlotte and I will be taking over the Archivist role. This is my fifth year in SSAGO, and my second as an Indie, having finished at Nottingham in 2020. Whilst at Nottingham I was involved with the archive that SNoGS run in conjunction with the University of Nottingham archives and really enjoyed it, and I believe it's important that clubs are supported to set up and run their own archives if this is something that they wish to do, as well as maintaining and building the national SSAGO archive. I'm really looking forward to getting stuck in to this role and to working with members of SSAGO to build our records for future generations. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions relating to archives either at a national or club level.

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Rose Moran

I'm Rose and I am your new events officer! I studied maths at keele University (grad 2021) and am now returning to university to train to become a secondary school maths teacher.
SSAGO has been a massive part of my life these last few years and I am looking forward to being able to give back to this great community that SSAGO has created. I have been part of Girlguiding since Rainbows and then also joined Scouting when I became an Explorer.
My main goals for the next year:
- to set up each event with a clear timeline of what is needed to run an event (and by when) to help minimise committee burnout and last minute stresses.
- to continue with the work I did as members officer, by trying to make events inclusive and accessible to all. This includes making individual wellbeing plans for those who may benefit from it.

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Alex Banwell

Hi, I'm Alex. I am the current SSAGO Charities Officer. I intend to register SSAGO as a charity.
I'd love to hear any suggestions you have, or to just have a chat, so feel free to get in contact, or find me at the next SSAGO rally!

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