National SSAGO Events

National SSAGO Events


Every local SSAGO club will have its own programme packed full of activities, with everything from climbing and crate stacking to hikes and campfires to cake decorating and games nights. You can find out more about club activities by looking at the information about your club. However, in addition, there are 4 national events organised each year - 3 rallies and a SSAGO ball.


Rally is a national camp, held once every term where SSAGO groups around the UK meet up to join in activities, have adventures and make new friendsfrom across the country. They can vary in size from around 100 to over 250 people. The three rallies are held around November, February and July and, as they are hosted by different clubs each time, they offer an unique opportunity to visit new places.

Each rally has a theme chosen by the host club, which is usually worked into the choice of activities and will be the basis of the (optional) fancy dress competition. When booking on, participants can choose which Saturday afternoon activity to do from a list picked by the host club which almost always includes activities such as walks or hikes, on-site activities, visits to nearby attractions or simply an afternoon off with which to explore.

They cost about £35 for the weekend, plus optional extras for some of the activities (however, there will always be activities that are free). Rallies are a great way to make new friends from around the country, as everyone is always really friendly, and they provide a (hopefully well earned!) break from the stresses of university.


In addition to the three rallies, every year, one SSAGO club will host a ball for SSAGO members, offering a formal sit down meal, dancing and a chance to see SSAGO members outside of the mud and their camping clothes!

Typically balls will be themed, with accomodation available nearby, varying from hotels to scout huts depending on budget, with a packed evening programme giving everyone a chance to make new friends, catch up with old ones and have a great night outside of the campsite. Often, the ball will include activities nearby to help you make a weekend of the event.