Team Pink are the team of the Executive Officers and Assistants who are responsible for the running and development of the National Student Scout and Guide Organisation.

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The Exec

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Samir Soares

What I've done
  • Hello there!
  • I hope you have been keeping well and it was great to see so many faces new and old at Womball in September! I hope people have kept ell over the last few month and are looking forward to the new academic year and the SSAGO activities we will have together.
  • Us at Team Pink have been working hard to bring back the National SSAGO necker, working with Scouts and Guides, progressing towards making SSAGO a charity, holding EGM elections for SSAGO events and of course the biggest thing we are working towards is having a wonderful Viking Rally and beyond!
What I'm working on
  • Getting back together: Getting back together safely, we are working hard to return to in person SSAGO, nationally and locally.
  • Working with scouts and guides: We are working to get together and collaborate the Scouts and Guides, particularly Scout Network and Girlguiding Inspire.

Last updated 24/09/2021, 15:16

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Tom Webster

What I've done
  • Policy: Tried several alternative ways to manage policy.
  • Policy: Updated several documents and created some new fact sheets.
  • Emails: Responding to clubs questions and growing relationships with Scouting and Guiding.
What I'm working on
  • Policy: Finding a way to easily keep policy up to date and present changes to reps.
  • Policy: Continue updating all the SSAGO policy documents so they're consistent and useful!
  • Emails: Sending and recieving lots of them!

Last updated 24/09/2021, 14:50

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Alex Banwell

What I've done
  • Charity: Submitted an application to the charity commission to register SSAGO as a charity!
  • Written the new constitution and bylaws and sought feedback from a range of interested parties.
  • Banking: Had some fun with HSBC, decided to switch to Lloyds.
  • Took control of the Lloyds bank accounts, and started the process of transferring the accounts over. Set up a new account for Viking Rally and the Dev Fund so far.
What I'm working on
  • Banking: Finish changing SSAGO over to Lloyds fully, and close the HSBC accounts
  • Charity: See through the application, and any changes proposed by scouting/guiding, and ideally start activating some of the benefits of being a charity.

Last updated 01/10/2021, 21:28

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Leon Brindley

What I've done
  • Promotional videos: Released promotional videos on the National SSAGO YouTube Channel: 'New Uni? New Society | The Student Scout and Guide Organisation', 'We Are The Student Scout And Guide Organisation' and 'Introducing The Student Scout and Guide Organisation'.
  • Social media: Publicised various aspects of SSAGO on social media, including events like WomBall, Viking Rally and Rali Cymru, projects like Badges @ Home and the SSAGO Minecraft Server and photos from local SSAGO clubs like the inclusion of SSAGO in various university Freshers Fayres.
  • Badges: Designed and showcased the new SSAGO blanket badge.
  • Outreach: Hosted an introductory talk, titled 'Scouting for Students', at Gilwell Reunion, introducing prospective members (and parents of prospective members) to SSAGO.
What I'm working on
  • Social media: Continue to widely publicise SSAGO to new members on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
  • Promotional videos: Create additional promotional videos for SSAGO, using newly submitted clips from SSAGO members.
  • Awards: Create a brand new collection of SSAGO awards to reward those who contribute so much to SSAGO!

Last updated 05/10/2021, 14:33

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Rose Moran

What I've done
  • New Clubs: Had introduction meetings with a few universities so potentially new clubs soon!
  • Closing clubs: Unfortunately, Covid has been very hard on a lot of clubs especially when trying to fill committee positions. Therefore I have had to start the process of closing clubs for a few. However, I plan to leave these clubs open on the website for another 6 months in case some fresher want to (fingers crossed!) start them up again.
  • New members: I've been spending most of my time talking to new members and sorting them into the correct clubs!
What I'm working on
  • Indie and Associate rep elections: Currently setting these up and I plan to help the current reps with promotion and give any support needed during the handover period.
  • Freshers and new members: I am working with clubs to support them as we head back to face-to-face meetings and with planning their programmes.

Last updated 14/10/2021, 17:12

The Assistants

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Joe Barnes

What I've done
  • Clearing old orders: There is a backlog of nearly 100 orders in the Shop that need either extra items sending out, or are waiting for new stock to arrive before I can complete the order - so thank you for being patient. I am in the process of sorting out the outstanding orders offline, but work has got in the way in the last few weeks.
  • Neckers: Several suppliers have been / are being contacted for samples based on the closest matched swatches; the supplier with the best quality/cost combination will receive a very large order of neckers!
  • Badges-at-home: I have most of the outstanding badges that people have ordered, most orders are waiting for badges that are stranded in the Netherlands before being posted out to people.
What I'm working on
  • Reopening the Shop: My number one task is to get the shop back up and running efficiently. However, Oli has announced that the same problem that has caused some issues with other parts of the SSAGO website has completely destroyed the shop, so the Shop may well not be back online for some time. Once the backlog of orders is sorted, I will look at taking orders directly if the website isn’t back open then.
  • Restocking: By the time the shop reopens, I aim to have a full barrage of your favourite merch ready to buy (who remembers what a SSAGO necker looks like?! :'( )
  • Long term: POS Efficiency. I'm working with Oli to make the shiny new electronic Shop system work more efficiently for us, including being able to use it as a more integrated till at Rally, which will make stock control much easier and mean that hopefully none of these problems we’ve had will happen again...

Last updated 01/07/2021, 22:31

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Charlotte Simmons

What I've done
  • Exploring the archives: Following taking over the role from Larah I have been continuing to explore the archives to see what is in there and to try and learn more about the history of the organisation.
  • Archives online: I have started to work towards getting some of the archived materials onto a public facing website over the next few months.
  • Club closing policy: Had a meeting to discuss a new policy to help us protect club records when they close.
What I'm working on
  • Archives online: I will be working to try and get some of the materials in the SSAGO archives onto a public website so that more people can access it.
  • Photo archiving: I will be working to archive some of the photos that were uploaded into the SSAGO facebook group in the days before Google photos were used to compile photo albums at SSAGO events.
  • Amalgam: I will be working over the next year or so to put together an archiving drop-in activity session for Amalgam.

Last updated 13/10/2021, 21:19

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Conni Schmitt

What I've done
  • Invited Internationals to online SSAGO: an Irish and a German university scout joined
  • Relations with PfAU (Germany): took part in their group founder meeting, to get to know them and also to hopefully help found a group in Lübeck when I'm there
  • Involvement in the Badge Team: taught two people how to upload badges, took part of regular organisational work (voting, uploading), contact with the supplier of our custom badges (will hopefully be sent soon)
What I'm working on
  • International attendence at SSAGO events: I'll be in touch with Irish, Dutch, German and other international student scout groups and invite them to both virtual and in-person SSAGO events
  • SSAGO visiting international events: I will keep an eye and an ear out for events by international student scouting groups (like the Irish Rover Intervarsities) and hope to make it possible for SSAGO members to join
  • Answering questions by internationals: I'm more than happy to be contacted by exchange students, both incoming and outgoing, and get them in contact with local clubs if there is one known to SSAGO!
  • Promoting an international atmosphere within SSAGO: Discord has done an awesome job at getting SSAGOers and student scouts from different coutries talk to each other - my goal is that this international community is preserved even after lockdown is over!

Last updated 28/06/2021, 22:27

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Oliver Bills

What I've done
  • Supported present and upcoming events
  • Implemented new SSAGO off-site backups to Google
  • Major updates to SSAGO backend Infrastructure
  • Improved Discord and Website integrations
  • Improved Google and Website integrations
  • Prepared SSAGO website for Freshers
  • Minor improvements to booking system
  • Repaired the SSAGO shop
  • Archived the SSAGO Minecraft
  • Handled SSAGO rollover to new academic year
What I'm working on
  • New and improved SSAGO shop
  • Website and framework update
  • Grow Discord and Virtual SSAGO to compliment physical activities
  • Continue to support upcoming events
  • Prepare for charity status and technological benefits
  • Plan for the future of SSAGO web and technology

Last updated 30/09/2021, 23:45