Team Pink are the team of the Executive Officers and Assistants who are responsible for the running and development of the National Student Scout and Guide Organisation.

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Adele Upton

What I've done
  • AGM: Aided in the organisation of the new-and-improved (hopefully) AGM method. If you haven’t heard, it’s online & we aren’t electing events right now, for obvious reasons.
  • SAGGA: Met with the SAGGA committee to try and bridge the gap between our organisations. They have had a change in leadership recently, so are looking forward to helping the next exec. I suggested they help us train our treasurers, to make their role easier, and advertise themselves at reps meetings & on our website. They are also willing to guide the next exec in all things charity.
  • SASU Manager Meeting: We now have a strong contact within the Scouts, who is more than willing to help us with things such as providing training, giving new awards and they actually reply to emails too!
  • Preparation for Event Postponement: Alongside the AGM, I have been working on a range of timelines for rearranging current events and event elections, to ensure SSAGO will have an in person event as soon as possible.
  • General Chairy Admin: You know, meetings, emails, spamming the ‘suggest for exec’ button and prepping a good handover document. Also I finished my last ever uni exams!
What I'm working on
  • Handover: I want to ensure the next exec have a much better start to their year than we did. Creating this handover document and ensuring the next chair has active contacts in SAGGA, Scouting and Guiding will help grow SSAGO and hopefully ease any challenges they may face.
  • Policies: The 2020/21 exec focussed our spare energy on updating all policies. We hope to review a few more before we leave.
  • Personal projects: In a time that is almost unimaginable (i.e. one without Covid), I ran for exec with all these ideas to implement. Unfortunately that got railroaded significantly, so I am hoping once the next chair takes on the boring admin stuff, I will have the time to do what I set out to!!
  • Graduating!:

Last updated 22/02/2021, 10:13

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Brittany Long

What I've done
  • Meetings and Minutes: Attended a lot of these, including meetings with Scouting, SAGGA and the Dutch Studentenscouting team. (We've been trying to coordinate something with Girlguiding, and are making progress!).
  • Factsheets: Made a lot of updates to factsheets and reorganised them on the website to hopefully make things easier to find. Very keen for your feedback on these changes if you use the factsheets!
  • New Archivist: Helped Larah to recruit our new archivist, Charlotte. We're very excited to have her and Conni on the team, and I'm sure they'll be amazing in their new roles.
  • Admin: I've been doing lots of admin behind the scenes to prepare for handover - tidying up our Google Drive space and finishing off half completed projects to make things clear for the next Exec.
What I'm working on
  • Handover: I've been working hard to put together a proper handover document to make the next secretary's life as easy as possible, as well as general Exec handover guidance of all the things I've learned this year!

Last updated 21/02/2021, 20:48

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Maddy Brett

What I've done
  • SSAGO Online: Spending on the discord, zoom and online activities has continued. We have added a second zoom account due to demand. Current spending is at about £65- £75 a month.
  • Lloyds account: I now have access to the Lloyds account and hope to get a card running on that account soon. This will be used for purchasing shop stock and paying for online SSAGO subscriptions.
  • Insurance: Brittany handed over insurance to me
  • Accounts: I have continued to work on the accounts ready for the AGM.
  • Misc: Met with some events committees, started making a breakdown of where your membership fees go, and I took a break from SSAGO to recover from illness.
What I'm working on
  • Polices: I need to finish making changes to the policies I have been working on to hopefully get a few more updates through
  • Accounts: Getting everything ready for AGM
  • Membership: Work with Amy to ensure club memberships are paid. Email to clubs will be out shortly and if your club is having problems paying for membership this year please contact exec.
  • Pride project: I am still looking for people to help lead this, please email me if you are interested
  • Handover: Update the handover document with more guidance and include the Lloyds account information

Last updated 21/11/2020, 20:42

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Reuben Cone

What I've done
  • Social Media: In the run up to Christmas we had another World Cup Of! This time it was Christmas Songs and Fairytale in New York was the winner! There were also posts advertising the new assistants and Christmas Day. There’s also been a lot of posts regarding promotion of the AGM. Plus I made a few memes...
  • News articles: I’ve compiled and edited two news articles regarding the AGM and the new Assistants
  • Handover: Started to work on clearing up my drives and creating a general purpose Publicity Handover document.
  • Misc: Posted out more badges for various things, had various meetings with events and Scouts, and we finally got an answer to the SSAGO/SAGGA logo mess!
What I'm working on
  • Handover: Finishing my handover document and hopefully having a great handover with my successor!
  • Drive: Sorting out the Publicity drives so that they are tidy and ready for the next person to use.
  • Outstanding projects: Needless to say that there have been various projects that haven't been completed this year - thanks COVID! I hope to tidy up as many loose ends as I can however, and anything unfinished can be left for my replacement to pick up if they choose.

Last updated 19/02/2021, 16:40

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Amy Franklin

What I've done
  • International Officer: Since the last update a new International Officer has been elected, Conni! The International Officer reports to the Members Officer so I have had a meeting with her and started to support her with an exciting project
  • Membership Fees: The most important and time consuming part of my role! The last few months of my life have been taken over by reviewing membership submissions, requesting updates, sorting invoices, creating a new way of paying for membership and lots of nagging!
  • Contacting potentials: Throughout the year I have been helping members who don’t specify a club on the website by connecting them with their relevant local club (or the Indies!) This has also involved clearing up hundreds and hundreds of spam that is entered into the join us form on the website.
  • Tidy up of membership info on the website: Alongside ensuring clubs are keeping their membership information up to date on the website, through their membership submissions, I have been doing a general tidy up of all the membership information on the website. Unfortunately this has involved the closing of several clubs some new, some that have been dead a while, by removing all their members (and encouraging them to sign up as Indies) and helping archive any resources the clubs may have that could be useful if the club were to restart in the future. I have also been sorting through a list of “naughty” members who are down as Full Members but with graduation years in the past (or sometimes no graduation year at all!), alongside clearing up the potentials list as above.
  • Indie/Associate Rep Support: The Indie and Associate Reps are now settling well into their roles and I have just been there to support their plans. Some of the most exciting plans being the new Indie Necker and badges which look amazing
  • Meetings: Attended lots of meetings with the rest of the Exec, Team Pink, events, SAGGA (and probably more I have forgotten)
What I'm working on
  • Handover: I have been putting a lot of work into ensuring a smooth and thorough handover for the next Members Officer. This has involved a big tidy up (as spoken about below) and an update to the fabulous handover document passed down from the last few Members Officers. I will continue to update the document with probably too much detail (it’s gone from 2 to 9 pages and I am nowhere near finished!) and plan how to work with the new Officer once they have been elected.
  • Tidy up of membership info on the website: I aim to continue to tidy up the website in the ways listed in the “What I have done since the last update” section as this is a massive undertaking and I want it to be nice and fresh and tidy for the new Members Officer
  • Final Membership Fees: Most clubs have now submitted and paid membership but there are a couple of clubs who have needed extra support and are still yet to pay. I wish to help support these clubs and get their payments through before handover
  • Potential New Club: One of my favourite parts of my role has been setting up new clubs and I am excited to say I might have time to fit 1 more in before my term ends!
  • Updating Club closing procedure: Having closed several clubs recently, it has become apparent that there is no clear process for collecting all of their resources and archiving them in a way that is accessible to anyone wishing to restart the club in the future. I am working with the Archivists and intend to start this process with the most recently closed clubs that I am still in contact with

Last updated 20/02/2021, 19:37

The Assistants

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Joe Barnes

What I've done
  • Clearing old orders: There is a backlog of nearly 100 orders in the Shop that need either extra items sending out, or are waiting for new stock to arrive before I can complete the order - so thank you for being patient. While the Shop website has been broken I haven’t had access to these, Oli has now given me a spreadsheet so I’m wading through that to work out how each order can be sorted, contacting people and making changes / refunds where necessary.
  • A massive stock take: such fun! I noticed that I haven’t got many recent event badges - I can’t think why… If any event committees have left over merch or badges, these should be with me once your accounts have been handed back to exec so please get in contact with me about how I can get them from you.
  • Neckers: I’m still waiting for an agreement on the best colour and quality match from all our options for necker suppliers, as soon as a decision is made the order will be placed.
  • Badges-at-home: I’ve helped the badges at home team with keeping track of payments and some of their badge ordering.
What I'm working on
  • Reopening the Shop: My number one task is to get the shop back up and running efficiently. However, Oli has announced that the same problem that has caused some issues with other parts of the SSAGO website has completely destroyed the shop, so the Shop may well not be back online for some time. Once the backlog of orders is sorted, I will look at taking orders directly if the website isn’t back open then.
  • New items: We have some ideas for new items to add to the shop; not just more green clothing! This includes the possibility of notebooks, sporks, tea towels etc! As always, if you have any suggestions for things you’d like to see in the shop, or questions about orders or anything I can do for your event or club, get in touch at
  • Long term: POS Efficiency. I'm working with Oli to make the shiny new electronic Shop system work more efficiently for us, including being able to use it as a more integrated till at Rally, which will make stock control much easier and mean that hopefully none of these problems we’ve had will happen again...

Last updated 27/02/2021, 15:52

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Larah Korrison

What I've done
  • Records management: Continuing to work with Britt and Oli on our records management processes including archiving past event folders.
  • Arranging and packaging our physical archive: I have gone through the old chairs folder to arrange, catalogue and put into archive quality folders.
  • Appointing a new archivist: It's now time to step down from the role after 4 years and I have appointed Charlotte Simmons as the new archivist. So there will be 2 archivist for the time being since there is a lot to handover!
  • Met with Liverpool: Charlotte and I met with Liverpool to talk about archiving and managing records. They are keen to set up a club archive ahead of their birthday year next year! We are looking forward to see what they archive and when possible set up a physical collection at their university.
  • New guidance for clubs: Charlotte and I have written a guidance document for clubs. This goes through how to manage your records, how to set up an archive and how to grow it. We also have advice on physical archiving and what to do if your club folds.
What I'm working on
  • Handover: Train and handover to Charlotte (incoming archivist). And working on my handover document for her to reference.
  • Digitisation: Digitise the old chair's folder so that we have a back up and future team pink members can access them if they need to.

Last updated 21/02/2021, 08:32

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Archivist (Incoming)

Charlotte Simmons

What I've done
  • Handover: I am currently in the process of attending handover training sessions with Larah to learn about the role, having been appointed in January.
  • Guidance document: I have worked with Larah to produce a guidance document for clubs wanting to set their own archives up.
  • Meeting with Clubs: Larah and I met with Liverpool to discuss their plans for setting up and archive in preparation for their anniversary celebrations next year. I am, of course, happy to meet with other clubs to discuss archives as well.
What I'm working on
  • Handover: Continue handover sessions with Larah to learn more about the role.
  • Projects: Spend the next few months thinking about projects that I would like to run as I take over the role properly.
  • Physical archives: Whenever I am allowed (post covid), I intend to visit the physical collection that we have at Gilwell Park, and to ensure that any items that need to be deposited are.
  • Working with clubs: I would like to continue to work with clubs to help them to develop their archives - so if you'd like me to meet with you, please do get in touch.
  • Digital archive: continue to develop the digital archive project.

Last updated 21/02/2021, 11:53

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Cornelia Schmitt

What I'm working on
  • International attendence at SSAGO events: I'll be in touch with Irish, Dutch, German and other international student scout groups and invite them to both virtual and in-person SSAGO events
  • SSAGO visiting international events: I will keep an eye and an ear out for events by international student scouting groups (like the Irish Rover Intervarsities) and hope to make it possible for SSAGO members to join
  • Answering questions by internationals: I'm more than happy to be contacted by exchange students, both incoming and outgoing, and get them in contact with local clubs if there is one known to SSAGO!
  • Promoting an international atmosphere within SSAGO: Discord has done an awesome job at getting SSAGOers and student scouts from different coutries talk to each other - my goal is that this international community is preserved even after lockdown is over!

Last updated 23/02/2021, 12:08

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Oliver Bills

What I've done
  • Virtual SSAGO: I have continued to my best to support Virtual SSAGO - from Zoom to Discord, Minecraft to Events, Badges at Home to Secret Santas!
  • Events: Continuing to work with Green Rally Yellow Rally and Amalgam and providing digital support for their events and requirements.
  • Reps: A lot of work has been done on the Reps system to improve it's usability, including keeping track of and highlighting new responses and discussions.
  • Online AGM: Have worked with the Exec to prepare for SSAGO's online only election and consider the ways in which it could be done and how it could work and then implementing SSAGO's preferred choice.
  • Online Club Elections: Have continued to develop and improve the online elections system for clubs to use who are holding virtual AGMs.
  • Emails: Lots of work on improving SSAGO email deliverability following emails with our previous provider and moving over to a new system which should help.
  • SSAGO Christmas: Created the SSAGO Christmas Cards for sending and receiving to bring a little festive cheer.
What I'm working on
  • Virtual SSAGO Team: The Virtual SSAGO team is continuing to grow and we are having a meeting shortly to discuss where we can go next, as well as how to develop and evolve the SSAGO Community.
  • Virtual SSAGO Activities: Building a small set of virtual games suitable for SSAGO to play that can be used in club meetings or national events - from Pictionary Whispers to Overwooded to a SSAGO card game!
  • Event Support: Continuing to provide and develop as much virtual support as can be done for upcoming events.
  • SSAGO Website Upgrade: Working with the Web Team to bring the SSAGO website more into modern designs and technologies, a long term project but a good chance to get more people involved!
  • Handover: To support the new incoming Exec with the handover process and getting set up and ready to take the helm of SSAGO.

Last updated 09/04/2021, 15:35

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Events Officer

Anthoney Gathercole

What I've done
  • physical events and I’m inspired and optimistic to see such a vibrant online community. As an Indie member, I haven’t felt so engaged in SSAGO since my first degree and its heartwarming to see that so many people have stayed As we continue to wait to return to a physical event, the size and scale of such an event could potentially be record-breaking; therefore, it is imperative that the first physical event is prepared for such a large scale event in a safe capacity. I have been in contact with Unity, our insurance provider, which is not an easy undertaking these days, discussing the potential of increasing the worth of our insurance cover in anticipation of such a largescale event in the future. I have been in constant communication between Event organizers discussing a range of issues including the safety of members on a campsite, catering equipment and kitchen size and capacity, and parking. I will continue to do so and look forward to working with more events in the future.
  • With still very few physical events going on at the moment, you would be forgiven for thinking there isn’t much for an events officer to do, I’m currently re-writing a very outdated “How to run a rally” document which is 28 pages long and pre-dates my age which I shall not disclose. This is a perfect time for a lot of admin work to get done, as with not many physical events in the near future going to be happening it gives time to do a bit of admin work. I’ve started to re-organize the Events Resources Folder, A document has been provided with thanks to the archivist team detailing where useful documents should be kept for easy navigation through the folder as it will no doubt grow therefore keeping it tidy now will be useful for when we don’t have so much time on our hands.
  • A meeting between the Exec and two upcoming events was held earlier in February which after feedback from one of the event organizers found this a very useful tool and would like to see more of them in the future, I agree and it will help me ensure that the same mistakes won’t be repeated again and again in events to come. Sharing ideas and resources between events in the future shall be a useful tool for SSAGO to utilize, the events resources folder and the use of inter-event committee and exec meetings shall hopefully be incorporated in the future as it has proven to be beneficial.
  • Furthermore, I would like to thank everyone who has created and run virtual events in the past and who continues to work behind the scenes to create the platforms on which SSAGO can communicate. SSAGO continues to grow despite not having engaged with SSAGO during the pandemic.
  • I am confident that whenever the next physical event maybe, it will be a record-breaker I’m looking forward to it, hopefully, this year.
What I'm working on
  • What have I done since the last update
  • • Reviewed previous feedback surveys and debriefs from past events.
  • • Attended Event organization meetings
  • What am I working on
  • • Reorganizing the Event Resources Folder.
  • • Rewriting the “How to run A Rally” document in the Event Resources Folder.
  • • Having more collaboration meetings between different event committees.

Last updated 03/03/2021, 18:42